Spacepower Conference

The Space Force Association Announces the Spacepower Conference

Contrary to the name, this isn’t just a conference as demonstrated during the inaugural 2023 event. It’s an incubator and accelerator of today’s top organizations building tomorrow’s most important spacepower innovations. Participants will learn about the upcoming missions, the rising challenges we’re facing, and the opportunities for ensuring a safer and more secure domain for our nation and beyond. Join Guardians, other military leaders, and industry innovators focused on ensuring our nation remains the preeminent space power.

December 9-12, 2024, Orlando, FL


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What if Space Was No
Longer a Peaceful Domain?

Imagine a world where the sky goes dark from the loss of our space assets. Every facet of our lives—military operations, global commerce, emergency response—depends on space. Lose GPS, and we’re blindfolded; lose satellites, and our world plunges into chaos. Financial markets freeze, weather forecasts vanish, and emergency services are crippled. This isn’t science fiction; it’s a looming reality.

Right now, adversaries are crafting weapons to sever the lifelines that space provides. We’re at a crossroads, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. That’s why the inaugural Spacepower Conference isn’t just another event—it’s a call to arms.

We’re tackling the most pressing challenges facing our nation and our planet, and this is your invite to not just be part of the conversation—but to be part of the solution.

Because the hard truth remains…
There's no day without space,
and there's no future without safeguarding it.

The Spacepower Conference is uniting over 2,000 Guardians, military leaders from multiple government agencies, private sector organizations, industry innovators, domain thought leaders, and top-tier media. Together, we aim to share and showcase the latest in space technologies, safeguarding innovations, and future missions—all under one roof.

Get Ready to Hear From the Space Domain’s Top Speakers

The Spacepower Conference is the only stage solely dedicated to our National Spacepower. No other stage brings together Astronauts, United States Space Force Guardians, the DoD, National Security Experts, and Private & Civil Sectors to share the current challenges and upcoming innovations that will keep our Space Domain safe and secure. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from world-class speakers and subject matter experts.

Invited Speakers

Gen. B. Chance Saltzman

Chief of Space Operations, United States Space Force (USSF)

Gen.Stephen Whiting

Commander, United States Space Command

Chief Master Sergeant John F. Bentivegna

Lt. Gen. Deanna M. Burt

Lt. Gen. Shawn N. Bratton

Lt. Gen. Philip A. Garrant

Lt. Gen. David N. Miller, Jr.

Lt. Gen. Douglas A. Schiess

Major Gen. Steven P. Whitney

Major Gen. Timothy A. Sejba

Gen. Michael A. Guetlein

Space Launch Delta 45 Official

SpaceForce Association

SFA Space Week

The SFA, in collaboration with local charters and esteemed industry organizations, has created a unparalleled Space Week of curated experiences—from a VIP Welcome Reception to multiple Super Connector Networking sessions. The Annual SFA Gala Awards Dinner and the USSF’s Birthday Celebration promise to be highlights of the conference.

Additionally, the SFA Golf Tournament, a 10K Run, and the Creator League Showcase Competition offer diverse opportunities for both inspiration and entertainment. We encourage you to extend your Spacepower stay and invite family or colleagues—and remember, SeaWorld is just a hop, skip, and a splash away.


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DEC 9th SFA Golf Tournament


DEC 9th VIP Networking Event


DEC 10th Spacepower Happy Hour


DEC 11th Gala Awards Dinner


DEC 14th T-Minus 10-Miler at the Cape


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TBD Creator League

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