Spacepower Conference

Working Agenda

Theme: Together, Above

Day 1: Operationalizing the Space Force

  • Opening Keynote (CSO): USSF Vision and Strategy
  • Space Headlines - Year in Review
  • Polls throughout for engaging conversation
  • USG Threat Brief: Scene setter for conference, describe publicly acknowledged threats and identify positive value of preventative actions attendees can take
  • Industry Threat and Response: Demonstrate industry capabilities and knowledge base for identifying, characterizing, responding to threats; orbital, cyber, directed energy, supply chain, information warfare, etc.
  • Space Operations for Great Power Competition (GPC): Panel to discuss operation topics such as Integrated Mission Deltas, Space Force Generation supporting Combatant Commands, and the Space Force Service Component supporting USSPACECOM
  • Industry GPC Spotlight: Presentation or panel on current/future ways industry is supporting GPC initiatives
  • Partnering to Win (CCMD focus): Panel highlighting joint, allied, and partner operations via SPACECOM, Operation Olympic Defender, Service Components, and introduce new and emerging partnerships
  • Tactically Responsive Space: Gov/industry presentation or panel on Victus series, lessons, and future plans
  • Industry Space Domain Awareness (SDA) Panel: Discuss ways in which commercial capabilities are enhancing SDA capabilities, such as industry’s capabilities for tracking, sensors, algorithms, and what we can learn from one another
  • Ready to Win (STARCOM focus): Keynote on test, training, and readiness activities, including topics such as increasingly complex exercises, training and education for GPC, Operational Test and Training Infrastructure

Day 2: Future Ready – Combat Ready Guardians and Technology

  • Opening Keynote (SSC focus): Acquisition discussion, including topics such as acquisition streamlining and lessons learned, commercial space integration
  • Industry perspectives on Commercial Space Integration: Industry panel on how they are responding to the signals from OSD and USSF commercial space strategies, CASR
  • PEO panel (PEO focus): Panel discussing significant acquisition program interests and activities
  • Emerging technologies panel: Panel discussing emerging tech applications in space, such as cloud and edge computing, generative AI, debris disposal
  • Space Futures Command (SFC): Presentation, panel, or fireside chat on SFC IOC and plans for standup/implementation
  • Sci-Fi panel: Novelists, screenwriters, moviemakers, social media stars, etc. on what can we learn from sci-fi stories to inform USSF dilemmas, architecture, and ops
  • Space Development Agency: Presentation on status of launch campaigns, operational successes, lessons learned, way ahead
  • A Venture and Startup View: Investment priorities, innovative technologies with startup focus
  • CMSSF and Guardian Identity: Keynote on culture five years in, how initial training is changing, other personnel topics of interest, Guardians as warfighters
  • Workforce Development: Discuss policies and techniques to increase the space enterprise workforce spanning USG and industry/academia. Share lessons learned and good ideas across the organizations.

Day 3: Winning Partnerships – Space Logistics, Mobility and Innovation (Half-day)

  • USG Keynote: vision and way ahead for USSF collaborating with industry and international partners on space mobility, logistics, and servicing
  • Launch: Panel on innovations and advancements in space launch
  • In-space Capabilities: Vision, strategy, prototypes, technology, and demonstrations
  • Break-through ideas: 3x 10-minute TED-style talks from junior Guardians, early career civilians or industry on the future of national security space and Space Force
  • Space Pioneers, Inspiring Innovators: Keynote or panel celebrating past milestones and innovations, inspiring the future
  • Wrap/Closing Comments


2023 Agenda

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